The multipurpose jewelry holder!

Because you deserve to have a sensationally stress free day!

WE are the future of organization

Tired of scavenging through your jewelry in the morning? We understand how you feel. That's why we (PristineXtraordinaire) are introducing the revolutionary Multi-Purpose Jewelry Holder! Its new, innovative design makes our product easy, efficient, and eco-friendly. Be the FIRST of your friends to buy it! All your friends will oooh and aaah at its creativity. Not to mention, it's also über affordable! Only $9.99!

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The Multi-Purpose Jewelry Holder includes easily adjustable hooks that can hold ALL your bracelets and necklaces. There are even two picture holders that allow you to display your favorite photos! Not only that, but there are also chic earring and small accessory holders! This jewelry holder includes a cup for you to hold items such as your lipgloss, brushes, and lotions! NO OTHER jewelry holder includes jute string. Jute string is a hand-made, all-natural string made from coconuts. You can use this special jute string to hang the Multi-Purpose Jewelry Holder onto your wall, or you can use the large pushpins included with this product. This organizer is designed to improve organization and eliminate stress.


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