7 Principles of the Constitution

Joey Rodriguez

Popular Sovereignty

This is that the power of the government is the people. An example of this is that people vote.

Quote from constitution Amend 14 says that Expands the definition of citizenship to all born in the U.S. regardless of race.


    Republicanism is a term for beliefs that have defined the American political experiment. In such a government, virtuous and autonomous citizens must exercise self-control for the common good. An example of this is that they elect representatives to govern them.

    Quote from constitution article 4 guarantees each state " a republican form of government."

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Separation of Powers

Power in government that is separated equally. Example legislature, executive, and judicial.

Quotes from constitution article 1 legislative has been vested power by Congrees.

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Check and Balances

Each branch has certain controls over each and balances also. An example is that the president has power to veto the law but if 2/3rd of the Congrees votes it is now a law.

Quote from constition article 3 President appoints Supreme Court and Federal Court judges.

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Limited Government

Government is limited by the same laws that we are too. Example is the Magna Carta of 1215.

Quote from the constitution article 6 The constitution is the "Supreme Law of the Land" more powerful than any other government officials and departments.

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Individual Rights

Protection, freedom, and equality are all guaranteed rights in the constitution. Example Bill of Rights says personal freedom is protected.

Quote Amend 14 Equal protection of the law for all citizens.

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It is that power is separated between federal government and state governments. Example article 1 sec. 8 lengthy list of powers of congress (federal).

QuoteAmend 10 Powers not given by the constitution to the federal govt. and not denied to the states.

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