Valik and the Chimaera

By: Martín Archila

The Beginning

A long time ago, there was a young boy named Valik. His father was the god of war,Ares, and his mother was a mortal women. Valik lived with his mother in a small village outside of Greece. One day, news reach the village about a great monster attacking villages coming towards there village from the east. They had said that the monster had the head of a lion, goat, and its fire breathing dragons. Its body was that of a lion, its tail was the head of a poisonous snake. They called it a Chimaera.

The journey

News keep reaching the village about the horrid acts of the creature. One in a while, they would see the Greece army go westward to fight the beast, but they would never come back. People started leaving the village in fear that the monster was near. One night, Valik had a dream about his father." Valik," he said " you must kill the Chimaera, I will lend you my power, but you must be quick." The next day, Valik found a golden sword on the end of his bed. Knowing what he had to do, he went out, westward towards the monsters lair. He past burned villages covered in ashes, burnt armor, broken swords, shields were scattered everywhere. It was truly a war zone. It took him 10 days to reach the monster's lair. He saw the entrance to the lair and started to walk towards it, but he was stop by a strong wall of wind. Then, he saw two god like figures, Dionysus and Hermes." Valik" spoke Dionysus" we were sent by Ares to give you this items to help you." Hermes held out his hand and out of thing air, appeared a small cube."This" said Hermes" is Ambrosia, this food can heal any thing faster than Zeus' lighting." Then Dionysus grab a small glass bottle out of his waist and handed to Valik." This wine was brewed with Zues lighting on Mount Olympus, bottle by Hades powers, and keeper I'm Posedion's deepest ocean for 10,000 years" said Dionysus" it can drunk the army of Greece with one drop". "Thank you" said Valik" I will take good care of these items." " One last thing" spoke Hermes" I've been here many times, there's a path that leads up the mountain, there's a cave right above the Chimaeras

lair." Valik took the path up the mountain. It wasn't easy, there were snakes, loose rocks, and scorpions. Once he found the cave he saw holes small big enough for him to fall from. He swiftly dodges all the holes, but one of them caught his eye. There was a large lion body with the wings of a dragon, and a snakes head for a tail. He quickly drops the wine right on top of the three heads. Once he saw that the monster was drunk, he jump and perfectly cut off the goat head, but wasn't fast enough to dodge the monsters steel like claws. He was throw toward the other side of the cave. He was bleeding out." Eat the Ambrosia". He heard his commands and followed them. He felt power as soon as he ate it. He quickly threw a rock distracting the dragon head making it shoot a blast of fire at the rock. He quickly moved under the head and sliced it. It fell with a thump. Then he rolled under the body moved to the left and sliced the lion head before it could even move. He saw the body fall like a great building . He started wailing towards the exit, but then he felt something bit him in his leg. He looked down and found the tail of the horrid monster for he forgot to cut off the tail. He slices the head and walks out in pain.

The End

When he returned to the village, he was welcomed by a heros welcome. But he fell forwards and fell into an endless sleep. See, the Chimaera poison is no normal poison. It can turn a god in mortal, make a hero look like a fugitive in the eyes of people and gods. For instead of going to Mount Olympus, Valik went to the deepest part of Hades punishment fields. But was still worship by golden statue of him defeating the Chimaera.