Diana Zapata

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 3

Diana is a sweet girl with a great attitude who always has a smile on her face. Diana's biggest challenge is the language barrier which we are working through. Diana is always the first to volunteer to present and turns all her assignments in on time. I'm looking forward to seeing Diana's creativity flow as we start our next unit on poetry.

Algebra 2

Diana is is making progress as she continues to ask for additional explanation when she is unsure of a process needed to solve a given problem. Her confidence has increased to a point where she will risk providing an answer even if she is not sure she is correct. She is more than willing to participate and is always cooperative. She has to make up her assignment for long division and synthetic division of polynomials due to her absence. We are currently studying factoring of polynomials and special products.
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U.S. History

Diana is a charming and talented student. She does have some minor problems with the language, and she is working with Miss Penny, a wonderful volunteer tutor, who helps her in interpreting written materials. She is progressing very well and she actively participates in class and hands in her work in a timely manner.

We will be concentrating on expository writing and presentation skills this semester. Diana definitely needs to work on word choice, formatting (citations), and organization in her written work and we will be focusing on these elements of her writing. Obviously, her minor language difficulties in translating from Spanish to English will be taken into consideration and she will have one-on-one assistance with her writing assignments. Diana has good presentation skills and we will work to make them stronger and more polished.


Environmental Science

In this class we are learning about the Environment in relation to Florida. We do current events so the students can know what is happening in the news for the week. It is a pleasure to have Diana in my class. Diana is very hard working. Even though English is not her first language she tries her best to finish all her work in time.

Latin 1

The students assessed themselves by translating thirty lines containing all of the new forms they learned in this unit. They are now completing an essay and artwork based on the major deities of the Roman pantheon. Diana is a quick study in Latin; in fact, I hope she is finding it challenging enough. She displays almost immediate fluency in every new concept introduced to her. Her questions are intelligent and incisive. She ought to have no trouble excelling in this course.
Diana latin

Test Prep

Diana is a lively ACT prep student, asks great questions.
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US History Arts Integration

In US Art, we have chosen the great American illustrator, Norman Rockwell, to help us explore our personal and family values. We are utilizing his illustration techniques to complete our own illustrations. He used photographs and sources for all of his imagery. Daniela is doing an amazing job on her illustration. She has amazing hand eye coordination and can reproduce on paper exactly what she is looking at. A very advanced artistic skill to have in addition to her strong work ethic. She is very disciplined and always on task. I look forward to seeing what more she can do.

Diana's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours This Year: 4

Diana currently has logged:
2 absences from English III
2 absences from Algebra II
1 absence from Environmental Science
3 absences from Latin I
2 absences from US History