How to calucate semester grades

by Erin Cimino

How Semester Grades are Calculated at JTHS

At Joliet West, my semester grade is worth 80% of my overall grade and my final exam is worth 20% of my overall grade.

Mathematically, it would look like this -

.80(semester grade) + .20(final exam grade) = Semester Grade.

If I received a 89% in Algebra and earned a 75% on my final exam, I would calculate my grade like this-

.80(89) + .20(75) = ?

71.2 + 15 = 86.2

This means I would earn an 86.2% in Algebra for the semester.

How to find out what you need on your final

The following video will demonstrate how to calculate what you need on your final exam based on what you want to receive as a final grade!