The Toronto maple leafs

hockey team

The team

The name of the team is called The Toronto maple leafs.The country is Canada,the state is Ontario, and the city is Toronto.The longitude and latitude is 43.7000 n and 79.4000 w.Some languages spoken are English, Italian, Chinese, Cantonese, and Punjabi.The region is south east.Three interesting facts about the region are,1)Toronto has more than 8,000 restaurant. 2)The city of Toronto started out as York. 3)The Toronto zoo is the largest in Canada and has 16,000 animals. Some physical features of this region are.1) Toronto has a total of about 10 million trees.2)The highest point is 209 m. 3)307 km of rivers and creeks run through the city.

Team mascot

The team mascot is Carlton the bear.The nickname for this team called the leafs.The Toronto maple leafs connect to the culture because the bear is the type of bear that lives in Canada. The nickname the leafs connect to the region because the Canadian flag has the same type of leaf as the logo, a leaf.


The team was established in November 26, 1917.The founder is Conn smythe. They choose this location because the owner and the co-owner were from Canada and they wanted the area to be where they were from.The bear connects to the history to present day because the bears are living in Canada at this time.


The name of the stadium/arena is Air Canada center.It has this name because it is sponsored by the airline Air Canada.There is no former name.There has been this shift in naming of stadiums because only companies can sponser.