Vernonia School District V. Acton

4th Amendment

The Problem

In 1991 in a small town by the name of Vernonia Oregon there was a boy named James Acton who went to Washington grade middle school, and sports are a big part of this town. In the fall James Acton decided to try out for football, basketball, and track. But before he could try out for any of these sports he has to supply a random drug test but him and his parents refused to do so. No one agreed with this, it was a violation of his fourth amendment.
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Dear Editor

Dear Editor, I am against the case. Every student has there right to deny the random drug test an he can say "no." James Acton was violated by his 4th amendment, he did not have to do pee in the bottle whether it was mandortay or not. The 4th amedment supports it. He should not have to do so just to be in a sport at school.