February Update


February Curriculum

Blue Room: Students will be learning about authors like Aesop, Beatrix Potter, JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling and Stan Lee. The stories from these authors will be used to teach letter recognition and sounds. We will spend all month becoming familiar with these authors and how they contributed to the literary world. Students will learn about capitalization and begin to use letters to phonetically spell words.

Green Room: Our classroom is transforming into a laboratory! Students will be learning all about the amazing inventors that changed the way we live. Students will work in their laboratory all month to create their own inventions. We will learn how and why people make a difference in our community. As always in the Green Room, students will learn about shapes and numbers while creating their inventions.

Red Room: Fusion students are ALL SHOOK UP as they dance their way through the era's of music. Students will learn about swing, rock n roll, Woodstock and hip hop. They will learn about how these and other types of music changed our world. They will create art inspired by these different types of music and will get the opportunity to dance everyday!

Yoga Corner with Ms. Elizabeth

Kidding Around Yoga

Namaste! I'm Elizabeth with Kidding Around Yoga, and I've been sharing my love of Yoga with your children since June of 2015. The children have been learning yoga poses and creative ways to mediate, breath, relax, and manage stress all while having lots of fun! This month we will be learning about the founder of Kidding Around Yoga, Haris Lender, she is an author and all has wrote all the amazing music your children listen to helping to change the world one peaceful child at a time.

I also do birthday parties, special Scouts workshops-they even get a cool Kidding Around Yoga patch, private classes, and teach around the community.

To find out more about Kidding Around Yoga you can check out my website at:


or find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kiddingaroundyogawithelizabeth

Closure Dates

All Schools will be closed the following dates:

February 15th - President's Day

March 28th - Spring Break/ Caesar Chavez Day

Valentine's Parties

Valentine's Parties will be on Friday February 12th.

Your child is welcome to bring a valentine for their friends. Please just address the valentine to "My Friend" or something like that. This makes passing them out easier on the staff and students.

Snack sign ups and volunteer sign ups will be up this week at each school so look for them at your child's site. If you have any questions about times, volunteering or participation, please talk to your director.

Happy Valentine's Day!