Lucy's Library Blast

January 5, 2015

Nashville Public Library, Limitless Library, West End Library fines?

  • Students and teachers: do you have public library fines? Now you can get rid of them and help people at the same time! You can bring canned food items to school, and every can you bring takes $1.00 off of your public library fines. This year, it works on ALL of your fines…even for lost or damaged items! Just see Ms Dixon in the library to get all of the details. But hurry… the last day to bring canned food to school is January 16!

  • Students and teachers: Do you have so many fines that you can’t use Limitless Libraries? Then you’ll want to participate in Food for Fines. You can bring non-perishable food items to school and get your fines waived! See Ms Dixon in the library for all of the details. But hurry…the last day to bring canned food to school is January 16! (Which still leaves you time to enter the Check Out Limitless Libraries contest! see below:)

  • I will offer the same opportunity for students who owe for fines here at West End.


    After Jan. 1, I will no longer check out books to students who do not bring their ID badge with them. Circulation has picked up and I simply don't have time to look up each student every time they come to check out books. I informed students of this in December so it will come as no surprise.

    Thank you for double checking your students before they leave the classroom. This will avoid any needless hall-wandering.


    Makerspace is an initiative we are adding to the library. Libraries have always been a destination of thinking and learning, but now we are also a destination of doing, creating, and producing.* We have set aside designated space for students to use their creativity and curiosity to create new things. We will have a number of resources for tactile building as well as technological resources as we grow. We are asking for donations of around-the-house items such as:




    Circuit boards


    Construction paper

    Cookie cutters


    Game pieces





    Nuts and Bolts

    Origami paper

    Paint chips

    Plastic bins with lids

    Scrabble tiles

    Non-electric hand tools

    Wire (thin and malleable)

    Wood scraps

    Yarn/crochet supplies

    Please feel free to drop off any donations you think have creation potential to the library. Students will have access to the Makerspace after lunch, during recess, and other times when they have earned free time. They will use their Blue Jay Bucks as payment to access the Makerspace after a free introductory time. There is limited seating so it will be first come, first served. We are excited about this creativity center. More information will follow about student expectations, Makerspace use, and our grand opening (soon!).

    *School Library Makerspaces, Grades 6-12

    You Could Win an iPad Mini

    I want to let you know about the contest Limitless Libraries has for teachers this month. It’s so easy to enter, and you could win an iPad Mini! All you have to do is request an item from Nashville Public Library using your educator account. Each time you request something using that account, you get an entry in the drawing for an iPad Mini. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter! One winner will be drawn from each school tier (elementary, middle, and high).

    Limitless Libraries is tracking the requests through the educator account type, so requests made through your personal card won’t be included. Plus, when you request things through your educator card they can be sent to you here at school, so it’s much more convenient anyway!

    Unsure how to get an educator account? You already have one! This year Limitless Libraries uploaded all MNPS educators into their system and created educator accounts for everyone automatically. Your educator account number is your employee ID number. If you’ve used an educator account before, your pin number should be the same. For new educator account users, your pin should be 2014. If you have trouble, just let me know and I can contact Limitless Libraries.

    Before you can request items using your educator account, you must activate it. You’ll just need to follow these steps, wait 1 business day for the new information to sync with NPL’s system, and you can start requesting! (The instructions are also in a how-to video on

    1. All Educator Cards must be activated for the 2014-2015 school year. Your card will not work if you do not activate it, even if you used it last year.

    2. To activate your card, go to and log in using your MNPS employee ID number in lieu of a card number.

    3. If you are not a first time Educator Card holder, enter your PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, use the Forget Your PIN? link to reset the number. If you are a first time educator card holder, your PIN will be 2014 until you reset it to your preferred number.

    4. Once you are logged in, click the Account Settings link on the left hand side of the screen

    5. Click the “Edit Options” button.

    6. Insert and verify your email address into the Modify Personal Information form, select your school, and click “Update Options.”

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully someone from our school will win!

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    This is a free, self-guided series of modules in which students will become familiar with reliable research and develop best-practices skills for productive research. It also contains modules for teachers and librarians.