38th Edition: August 11, 2017

Pilgrims on the Way of Truth

On with the Show: This is IT!

We are thrilled to throw open our school doors and welcome all of our students back to classes! Below, we detail for you this coming week's schedule "At-A-Glance" that highlights many of the events taking place around Marian Central, including home athletic events. In our first few newsletters, we will also include club meeting times & locations. Once we are a few weeks in, clubs/organization schedules will be maintained on both the School Calendar and also the Clubs/Organizations page on our website. Also, all sports practices and "away" competitions are maintained on the Athletics Calendar. There is just so much happening at Marian every day!

We also love to highlight some of the great things that have happened this past week, so please enjoy a few photos below!

Finally, we have news, announcements, and special events that are coming up. We strongly encourage all of our families to become involved in some way here at Marian. There are so many ways to help build our Marian family - so please take a few minutes to look through the different topics presented below and select a few that mean the most to you and your family!

On behalf of the entire Marian Central faculty, staff, and administration - we are so very blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of your lives. God bless our students as they embark on this year's journey!

Week At-A-Glance: August 12 - 19, 2017

Aug. 14th (Mon): Office Hours 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • Faculty In-Service (No School)

Aug. 15th (Tues): Office Hours 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • Faculty In-Service (No School)
  • 7:00 pm - IDEA Learning Center Blessing & Ribbon Ceremony Event! (see invite below - come join us!)
  • 7:00 pm - Marian Mentor Orientation Run-Through (Auditorium/Landers Pavilion) - all Marian Mentors must attend!

Aug. 16th (Wed):

  • FRESHMAN ORIENTATION DAY! 8:05 am - 2:30 pm (Bus Service Begins)
  • 3:00 pm - Girls Golf JV/V vs. St. Viator @ Boone Creek (Home)
  • 6:00 pm - Freshman Family Picnic in Cafeteria

Aug. 17th (Thurs):

  • 2:40 pm - Daily Mass in Chapel - All are Welcome!

Aug. 18th (Fri):

  • Bus Evacuation Drills (all day, through P.E. classes, Govt. & Econ classes)
  • Confessions during Lunch Periods in Chapel
  • 2:40 pm - Daily Mass in Chapel - All are Welcome!

Ribbon-Tying Ceremony and Dedication to Celebrate Grand Opening of INCubatoredu Room

Marian Central Catholic High School is pleased to announce the new INCubatoredu Program learning center. Please join us in "tying" our school, families, students, and community together on this, the inaugural year of the program. We will also be blessing the new room.

August 15th, 7pm outside Room 121. ALL ARE WELCOME!



The Marian Central Parent Association (MCPA) is looking for enthusiastic volunteers! As you know, it takes many hands behind the scenes to make every school event a success. Whether you can make a regular time commitment or only have an hour or two to spare, you truly can make a positive impact on our beloved school!

Also, as our Parent Association leadership team has "graduated," we are looking for new leadership to take our school to the next level of greatness! We will be meeting on a monthly basis (at a time we all decide works best for the group) and will do most of our planning via email. Please consider being a part of this dynamic group and help us turn a "wish list" into a DONE list!

We are looking forward to a successful school year - and can't wait to make wonderful things happen at Marian Central with you all!


Conversations that MATTER: Roundtable Discussion Series COMING SOON!

High school is such a critical crossroad for students and parents. As our students "stretch their wings" during this period of development, there are so many concerns that enter into our lives. We have spoken to so many parents who are looking for information, help, and a forum in which to discuss the issues our high school students face.

To help begin the conversation, we are creating a quarterly Roundtable Discussion Series here at Marian. We will bring in guest speakers - leading professionals in the topic's field - and offer a chance get accurate, timely information on a subject, as well as ask questions and begin the conversation within our Marian family. Topic discussions will not only include field-related expert speakers, but also will bring in our cherished Catholic teachings as it pertains to each topic.

As we are developing this series, we are considering many topics and presentation options that will work best with our families. The series events will take place in the evenings here at Marian, and will most likely have discussion break-outs for parents and students to attend.

This is where we would love to hear from you! What areas of concern would you like to see addressed at this event? Some example topics that we are exploring: stress/anxiety in students, safe & healthy relationships (dating), substance abuse (including "vaping"), and social media (laws, etiquette, etc.) We have put together a short survey to hear from you and find out what issues are out there that we may be able to help address.

SURVEY: MARIAN CENTRAL: Conversations that Matter!

Please let us know how we can serve our Marian families!


Marian Central Administration would like to invite our Class of 2021 Hurricanes and their parents to a Get-Acquainted "Picnic". Each freshman should have received a personal invitation in the mail from their Marian Mentor. Please click here to view the invitation and let us know if you are able to attend with an RSVP to We hope to see you there!

Attention FALL ATHLETES! Please note your TEAM PHOTO schedule!

Big image

Canes Golf Team places 3rd at the Marian Central Invite!

Our athletes are off to a strong start as our Girls Golf team places 3rd at the Marian Central invite held this past Thursday. ALL of our golfers scored in the double-digits, and FOUR golfers medalled! Congratulations to Maria Mercurio, Ally McNulty, Lucca Kenyon, and Lauren McNulty! Wish them luck as they go up against Hampshire (Tuesday), St. Viator (Wednesday), and Rockford Lutheran (Thursday)!

Best of luck to our Boys Golf team as they take on Cary Grove at an away invitational on Monday!

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Marian Mentors MOTIVATE!




As we approach the start of a new school year, we would like to take this opportunity to invite parents of Juniors and members of the Junior class to sign up for a volunteer time slot in either the boys Sophomore or Varsity Football concession stand or the boys Sophomore or Varsity Basketball concession stand. These concessions are the responsibility of the Junior Class.

Proceeds from these concession stands go toward keeping the cost of our Prom tickets low. Every Junior student is required to work one of these concessions. Students who do not work a concession will pay double for their prom ticket(s) because they did not contribute their time. Parent volunteers are also needed for some jobs that students are not allowed to do at home Football games, such as making change and grilling.

  • We request that football players sign up immediately for the basketball concessions so spots will be available.
  • Basketball players should sign up immediately for the football games since they will not be able to work in the spring.
  • Athletes who participate in both football and basketball should contact Mrs. Dwyer or Mr. Wyckoff immediately to sign up for opportunities to work in the fall, outside of game time.

If you are able to help as a parent, please use the following link CONCESSION SIGN UP to add yourself to an open parent time slot. If you are ready to sign up as a student, please use the above link to add yourself to an open student time slot. Please, take a moment to check your calendar NOW, as the slots are on a “first-come, first-served” basis. The Sheet will remain open until approximately August 28th. After that time, you will need to contact either Junior Class Co-Sponsor, Mrs. Dwyer or Mr. Wyckoff directly to be added to the volunteer list.


It's not too early to start thinking about SENIOR PORTRAITS!

The 2017-18 school year will soon be underway and it's time to think about Senior Pictures! Each year, these pictures are taken by DeWane Studios for the senior composite, which is hung in the Commons area and printed in the yearbook. Copies of the photographs may be purchased from DeWane if desired. A time specific schedule will be sent out as the dates become closer. You may also visit DeWane Studios in Woodstock and have your photo taken right there are the studio prior to the dates they will be at Marian. If you do so, please notify Mrs. DiSilvio at so that your name is not on the schedule to be photographed. Please remember that these photos are the traditional yearbook “portrait” that features each student’s head and upper torso, which is why we require ALL students to wear dress pants or uniform pants and appropriate shoes.

Senior Women:

...will be photographed on Wednesday, September 20th. Appropriate attire on this day includes dress pants or uniform pants and a blouse or sweater. Dresses/skirts are not allowed. No nose rings/studs, facial piercing, and no more than two earrings per ear will be permitted on girls. Since students are expected to follow a full day of course scheduling, appropriate and comfortable shoes are recommended. High heels are discouraged.

Senior Men:

...will be photographed on Thursday, September 21st. Suitable dress on this day includes a white shirt and tie, a sport coat or suit coat, and dress pants or uniform pants. No nose rings/studs, facial piercing, and no earrings will be permitted on boys.

Hair for girls and boys must conform to Student Handbook guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and your support of the dress code listed above. Congratulations as we celebrate this exciting milestone!


UPDATED 2017-2018 Abbreviated Calendar

Linked, please find the updated Abbreviated Calendar 2017-2018. Please take note of scheduled days off, quarter and semester exams, late-start times, and early dismissals. If there are any further changes to this calendar, we will communicate them as soon as possible! We will always have the most updated calendar posted on our school website.

Time to Get That Haircut!

Yes...all good things must come to an end. Just a gentle reminder to our students to make sure you are in full compliance with haircuts and shaving by August 17th (or August 16th, if you are a mentor or freshman!) Also, hair color must be returned to natural shades by this time as well. Take a picture, cherish the "summer look," and start to plan next summer's new 'do!

A Note About Uniforms


We will not be making any major changes to the uniform policy for the 2017-2018 school year, so please refer to our Uniform Visual Guide for requirements. We have noticed a few students wearing non-Marian uniform pants: please know this is considered "out of uniform" and the students will be issued warnings and detentions. Also - consider purchasing one of the fleece jackets or pull-overs we now offer as part of the uniform.

As far as shoes go - we will be expanding our shoe choices to include any SOLID-COLORED shoe within the neutral/khaki-spectrum (white, brown, navy, black) so go ahead and grab a pair of inexpensive white canvas shoes to go with the Marian shorts! We do ask that all shoes must have solid-construction all the way around the foot: no clogs, slippers, or slide "mules". It's also acceptable to have slight trim color variation - but again, please stay within the neutral color family.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to email our Assistant Principal, Cheryl Loy, at Many parents have emailed photos of shoes for approval - so if you have any doubts about your shoe choice, please consider this option to be sure!

Visit the Marian Central Website!

All announcements, schedules, and forms are published on our Marian website for your convenience! After any new announcements are broadcast via email, we make sure we post a permanent link to the information on our website for your reference.