Need of a spectacular babysitter.

17 or older, and My name is Celina

About Me.

I’m very quiet, and down to earth. I know when to talk and not to. I’m someone who really can’t talk about me. I feel like in order to talk about yourself, you have to know yourself. I haven’t really hit that stage of finding out who I am. But of course I know the basics, like that fact that I’m awkward, and that I really can’t handle big crowds.

What I’m looking for?

I’m looking for someone who is willing to watch 4 boys while my step-mom and I are at work. The ages are 15, 13, 13, and 9. They can behave if they are given discipline.

What I hope to find?

I hope to find someone who is willing to take care 4 boys, this means no being carefree or laid-back. These boys need discipline. They aren't bad they just need to have some authority in their life.


Please contact me at (555)-555--5555 for any questions