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Is this the end of our short lasting society? War breaks out over night!

Tuesday, March 22, 2030:

Over night, a war about 50 miles away from our dome broke out when some gatherers found some stranded people, only to find out they were infected but surviving. More gatherers saw and went back to the city to get soldiers. The soldiers immediately went out and the war started. Our enemies are miraculous survivors of the cancer. They were infected but weren't wiped out and they spread the disease to others and slowly grew an army of infected people.

We got a statement from our very own Commander and Chief of our army before they left for war, "We won't let these 'people' destroy our new society. We are just getting started and aren't giving up anytime soon." The soldiers left camp Sunday morning and are off to go all over North America, wiping out all infected people and saving any survivors.

Voting Day for Citizen of the Month

Saturday, March 30th 2030 at 5pm

City Hall

Vote for citizen of the year! The contestants are...

- Peter Callinger (23 yrs)

- Lola Livngston (18 yrs)

- Nick Jennings (45 yrs)

- Beth Donner (68 yrs)