Going Google

Volume 3 ~ Issue 4


Tired of remembering to send emails? Fed up of waking up at 5AM to send out absentee lists for the day? Why not add the Chrome extension, mxHERO? Your life will be changed!

Go to the Chrome Web Store and add “mxHero.”

Click on the Free button. And, choose Add.

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Now, you can compose a message and choose from one of several options. Click on the mxHero icon at the bottom of a compose message to get these options.

  • Use to track clicks on links in your email
  • Choose send later to have message sent at a specific time
  • If someone doesn't reply in a certain time, will resend message

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Once you have chosen your options, you can press send. It will send you confirmation of your sent messages.

That's it! #lifesaver

Snooze your Gmail with Streak

Are you overwhelmed with emails? Do you get important emails that you don’t want to lose, yet you don’t want to deal with them immediately?

Then try the Streak extension. Not only does it let you pick when to put the email back in your inbox, but it allows you to group the emails into boxes - you name the box.

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And there’s a couple of bonus items: you can have Streak notify you when your emails are read, and to see if, when and how many times your email was read.

Google Research Tool (plus citations) within Drive

Do you need a way for your students to do research AND include their citations? There is a nifty research tool that creates the citations AUTOMATICALLY in Drive! Here’s how you get to it:

  1. Open either a Doc or Slides in Drive

  2. Go to the “Tools” Tab:

  3. Choose the "Research" option:

  4. The following research pane will then pop up on the right hand side:

Big image

Cite: automatically inserts the citation into the Drive Doc/Slide. The number will be superscripted behind the text and the corresponding footnote will added to the bottom of the page:

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You can even "Filter image results by usage rights:" and/or "Use this citation format:"
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for more Information:

Check it out!

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