For Sale: Wacom Graphics Tablet

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Wacom Graphire Bluetooth 6X8 Graphics Tablet CTE-630BT

Wacom Graphire Bluetooth 6X8 Graphics Tablet
Physically, the tablet is quite well designed. It's thin, light weight, with a very simplistic and convenient button arrangement. A clip on the top edge of the tablet provides a resting place for the pen, its convenient when carrying the tablet around.

For sale now: £70


TABLET DIMENSIONS: 10.13" x 11.03" x 0.96"
ACTIVE AREA: 5.94" x 8.22"
TECHNOLOGY: Bluetooth technology which enables you to use the Graphire tablet without any cabling
WIRELESS RANGE: up to 30 feet
INCLUDES: Pen, Mouse and Tablet
BATTERY: Rechargeable lithium polymer tablet battery for up to 25 hours between charges
SYS REQS: PC or Macintosh
Universal power adapter permits simultaneous tablet charging and comfortable use
2 programmable ExpressKeys for convenient mouse clicks, modifier keys, and keyboard shortcuts.


Depth 28 cm
Height 2.4 cm
Width 25.7 cm

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