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norfolk junior high

By Marissa Carr

Motivational Ad

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in Ontario, Canada. His full name is Justin Drew Bieber. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his music career. Since he is on the road so much he is homeschooled by a tutor.He started posting videos on youtube in 2007 and released his first album in 2009.He has a total of six albums so far. He has 27 million followers on twitter. He also has 44 million facebook fans.Justin is the 3rd most popular celebrity in the world. He can play guitar, piano, percussion, and the trumpet . He has performed for Barack Obama twice. Justin plays guitar with his left hand. He learned how to play the drums when he was two. Justin taught himself to play all those instruments. He started dating when he was 13, and had his first kiss at that age. Justin and Selena Gomez started dating in 2010 and are still dating now. His favorite girly movie is “The Notebook.” Seventeen magazine asked him what kind of wallet he has, and he said he doesn't have a wallet. He just stuffs it in his pocket. His shoe size is 7 1/2. His favorite slang word is shawty. He can speak fluent French. His favorite number is six. In 2011, a woman filed a suit against him saying that he was the father of her child, so he made a song about her called “Maria”.

Instagram is a fun fast photo sharing app.You can upload beautiful edited pictures and people can see them and like them.You create a profile and an Instagram name, so people can follow you and see the pictures you post.You can also like their pictures and comment on them.

The Lucky One

A man who served in a war in Iraq for three years found a picture of a woman he didn't know. After he was done serving, he went to go find her to thank her because he believed the picture of her was good luck. I liked it because he found the girl’s picture and he kept it with him, and it saved his life. He went to go find her to thank her, but instead he stayed and worked for her father at the dog kennel they owned.
THE LUCKY ONE Trailer 2012 Movie - Official [HD]

Hare Outsmarted

Once upon a time there was a hare named NayNay who always bragged about how fast a runner she was.She always teased Jojo who was a tortoise and who could not run that fast. One day JoJo decided to race against NayNay.NaNay was so far ahead he decided to take a nap for a little bit. Jojo saw Naynay napping and passed him right up.NayNay woke up and saw that JoJo had won the race.NayNay was sad and never teased Jojo ever again.JoJo felt good to teach Naynay a lesson.

Whos The Best Star?

Channing Tatum 44%

Justin Bieber 24%

Cam Newton 12%

Josh Hutcherson 8%

Trey Songz 12%

School Board Argument

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.

I disagree to not shorten the school week because there are too many hours. We would have our sports practices late. Most of us will have to eat supper at 7:00 PM or later. I wouldn't have much time to do homework because I would need rest.