By Trent Reedy


Daniel Wright is 17 he is a regular boy. His whole life was change from three words. "Rattlesnake. Rattlesnake. Rattlesnake." Rattlesnake three 3 times means his Guard unit was activated. He is requested to go down to Boise, Idaho to keep peace with the protesters. When he gets there he is bombarded with words and rocks. They start to throw tear gas out to scatter the crowd so they can arrest them, but they start to throw the canisters back, so the Captain says to stay calm and to not shoot, but Daniel is struck with a rock in the eye where he wasn't able to see and he shoots one bullet by accepted, then his squad shoots 7 more bullets. 22 people die. They later come to find out that there was a shooter that killed the people, but Daniel and his squad are blamed. The governor is a retired National Guard, so he will protect his men at all cost. After the governor states that, the FBI started to hunt his squad down and arresting them. The governor puts up a law to arrest all FED or FBI. Will Daniel ever get away? Or even survive?


" You're free to make your own choices, but you will never be free of the consequences of your choices."-Srishti
Journey - Don't Stop Believing Lyrics

"If they're [America] so committed to peace , but have failed so miserably the last 50 years, the last century, what makes you think they're going to figure a way out of this mess without fighting?"

Daniel Wright

Wright is fearless, muscular, and a leader.

He joined the Natural Guard at 16.

He is the fullback for his varsity football team, the Minutemen.


Jobell is smart, funny, and serious, She is and I quote ' smoking hot blonde".

She is smart and wants to go to college in Seattle, Washington.


While Daniel tries to rescue his mother, while doing so he get her killed. The paramedics come out to help her out of the truck, but later she looses to much blood and dies. Daniel runs out there with his bandaged hand and starts to shoot at the FED cause they killed her. Then word spreads and people use the banged hand as a sign of freedom.


Man vs. Man cause it is Daniel against the Fed.