What is an earthquake?

The Tectonic Plates

The crust, one of Earth's five layers, is broken in to many random bits, called Tectonic Plates. These plates drift around, as slow as the growth of your fingernail. The plates bang into each other every so often, and shake the Earth with their power. This is when an earthquake happens.

What Should You Do In An Earthquake?

To keep safe in an earthquake, you must DROP, COVER, HOLD!! To DROP, leave everything where it is, and DROP to the ground. To COVER, tuck yourself into a ball, like a turtle, and, with one arm, COVER your head and neck. And, to HOLD, grab on to a table leg, and HOLD on tight. Try to stay away from glass. If you can't, make sure your back is facing it. After the quake, there will be a fire bell. Leave everything where it is, and DO NOT stop to put your shoes on. If you are wearing tights, don't worry. Ignore them. Calmly evacuate the classroom and walk to the school field.

Below is a video of what you should do.



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