Lilli Pilli Public School

Student Newsletter

The First LPPS Student Newsletter Ever!

Hey guys, welcome to our first student newsletter. Every few weeks we will be writing a newsletter just for the students of LPPS. If you do not know us already, our names are Ruby and Emersyn and we are two of the school captains. We will be writing articles about upcoming events and a whole lot of other cool stuff for you to read. We hope you like our first student newsletter, and please remember to tell us what you think.

Books to Read

Every week during our library session we spend a long time browsing through books trying to decide which ones to borrow. We find most other students do that as well. That is why we have decided to choose six of our favourite books every week and review them in this newsletter.

For stage 1 Ruby chose: The Tale of Peter Rabbit- written by Beatrix Potter

Emersyn chose: The Lorax- written by Dr Suess

For stage 2 Ruby chose: BFG (Big Friendly Giants)- Roald Dahl

Emersyn chose: Pippi Longstocking- Astrid Lindgren

The winning books this week for stage 3 were: Inkheart- Cornelia Funke (Ruby's pick) Emersyn chose: A Waltz for Matilda- Jackie French

Try finding these books in your next Library session or you could find them at Caringbah library. (Emersyn's) My favourite book store is Bloomin Books and all of these books can be purchased there.

The Book Fair Costumes

We have decided that because there were so many awsome, cool, pretty, fabulous costumes at the book fair on Wednesday, we will show three of our favourite photos from the day. The winners all had really creative costumes, but there are two more people who we think deserve recognition for their perfect costumes. Mr Snudden as the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland and Abbey M in KE who went as Little Raggard blossom. As usual there were enough Hogwarts students to fill a stadium (or a school) but it seems if we were to change Lilli Pilli into Hogwarts we would have a lot of students named Harry, Ronald and Hermoinie from Gryfindor, though we did notice one student from another Hogwarts house. If you know you were this person, great! Tell us, provide us with a photo and we will put your photo in the magazine.