Spencer's Burrowing Frog

Lilian & Maureen


The Spencer's Burrowing Frog is native to Western Australia and Central Australia.

They are usually found in the Australian deserts through lakes and creeks.

They live in these areas because it is warm and sunny.

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The Spencer's Burrowing Frog has big black and brown circular eyes with a miniature head.

It also has camouflage decorated patterns with shades of black and brown patches on its skin.

It is also has webbed and sticky feet.

It is about 6-10cm long.

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They like to feast on insects and worms.

physical behaviour

They have sticky webbed feet to make it easier to burrow through the sand to hide from their predators.

They also like to camouflage with the sand to be able to catch their food and hide from their predators.

After rainfall, it sets a reminder for the frogs to start feeding and mating. It lays about 1,130 eggs.

The eggs development may only take 60 days or more to start turning into tadpoles.

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Fun fact!

The Spencers Burrowing frog is quite small but drink a lot of water that stores in between their muscles and skin.