High Blood Pressure

Rhonda Joseph- 60 years old

Statistics about high blood pressure

•about 1 in 3 US adults or 70 million people have high blood pressure

•25% of people dont have their high blood pressure under control

Information About Blood Pressure

• blood pressure is the force of blood pushing aginst the walls of your arteries

•high blood pressure can cause heart disease or stroke

• you start to be more at risk of having high blood pressure when your blood pressure levels get to sytolic- 120-139 and disabolic- 80-89

How To Control High Blood Pressure

• stay away from sodium

• stay active

• stay away from foods high in chelesterol

• dont drink too much alcohol

• dont use tabacco

• eat more potassium- potatos, yogurt, beans, bananas

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

• high blood pressure normally doesnt have any symptoms- long term effects can lead to stroke or heart disease