Nassau Notebook

Recording Outstanding Education

Volume III, No. 15

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.


Whitney Jones Earns Nassau County Teacher of the Year

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Congratulations to Mrs. Whitney Jones, 2nd-grade teacher at Wildlight Elementary, for being selected as the 2020-2021 Nassau County Teacher of the Year! She has been teaching for seven years. Mrs. Jones described her teaching philosophy by stating, "I became an educator to make a difference and help my students develop a desire to learn. It is humbling to watch students grow and succeed! I also strive to build relationships with my students and provide a positive environment. I find that no matter who the student is or what their life is like outside of school, they will work hard when they are shown love and respect!"

Baking = Learning

Ms. Scholes, at Emma Love Hardee Elementary, integrated reading and math with a baking activity. When beginning to learn the standard about the multiplication of unit fractions, Ms. Scholes brought it to life for her students. She brought in ingredients to make cinnamon ornaments. Students had to discover how using addition and multiplication are connected in daily life. Her students were excited to learn more about fractions!


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Excited About Reading!

Mr. Carr and the second-grade students at Bryceville Elementary received an exciting delivery. New books were delivered by the Amelia Island Book Festival for the upcoming author visit. Every primary student will receive a copy of the book before our author comes to visit on February 14th. Happy reading!

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Celebrating Success

The East Coast Technical Assistant Center (ECTAC) recently selected Hilliard Elementary as an Exceeding Expectations Award School. The school was selected based on a combination of criteria consisting of 2018-2019 FSA scores as well as observations and interviews that occurred during a site visit. A celebration of the accomplishment will be held at the Exceeding Expectations Conference in October. Congratulations to Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Smith, and all of Hilliard Elementary!


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πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Superhero Readers πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Mrs. Solis shared her summary of a recent learning adventure at Yulee Elementary School.

β€œIt’s a serious problem and something must be done at once!” exploded Mr. Cubbal, principal at Yulee Elementary School, to his partner in principalship, Mrs. Loudermilk. The city of Yulee Elementary School had recently been invaded by not one, not two, but three villains and was in grave danger. Luckily for the school, a group of Super Teachers and their students were able to take down the villains before irreparable damage was done. We now honor our Superhero AR Reading Dream Teams who, based on AR points earned each week for six weeks, raced up their skyscrapers to the villain for each grade level and stopped them DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS! Each grade-level dream team is made up of the first, second, and third place classes:

Fifth grade: Jones-1st, Slaughter-2nd, and Rutledge-3rd.

Fourth grade: Albury-1st, Seelhoefer-2nd, and Watkins-3rd.

Third grade: Wall-1st, Scott-2nd, and Hayes-3rd.

In celebration, these classes enjoyed a fun-filled day of winter-themed activities and their class photographs are featured in the glass case near the front office of the school where they will reign as the Superhero Reading Dream Teams until the Spring Challenge begins. Have we seen the last of those villains? Hopefully so, but only time will tell.

Comprehension Collage

Emily Beter, a 7th-grade gifted student at Yulee Middle School, completed a project for her class Book Club. She had to create a 50-word, phrase, sentence collage which showed an understanding of the book. Emily chose a different font for each word, painstakingly traced each one with the use of a light table, colored each one in a suitable color to its meaning, and then added details that supported the meaning of the word. This project took hours to complete, but Emily enjoyed her efforts.

Learning Events for All

On January 7th, West Nassau High School hosted a variety of events for its students.

The 9th-grade students participated in team-building activities, presented by the Army Recruiting Station and our AFJROTC unit, a vaping education presentation, healthy relationship presentation by Micah's Place.

The 10th and 11th-grade students participated in our World War 2/D-Day programs. They heard from living World War 2 veterans, two paratroopers reenactors, a representative from the USO, and several of our teachers developed special mini-lessons on World War 2.

The 12th-grade students participated in our annual Vystar reality fair presented by our Vystar credit union.

This was a great way to finish off the first semester and get the students pumped up for the 2nd semester.

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Hornet Pride

Kenneth Aldrich, a senior at Yulee High School, received a surprise from Sheriff Leaper. He was awarded the Sheriff's "Great Kids" Award for showing great character and pride. Deputy Fender wrote an outstanding nomination for Kenneth. Here are his observations about Kenneth's character.

Kenneth Aldrich is a senior at Yulee High school. He is a member of the Cross Country team. Kenneth is a very respectful student and never fails to set an excellent example for his peers. Kenneth also ensures to hold the cafeteria door every day for all students and school staff entering the cafeteria. Kenneth always has a positive attitude and ensures to ask everyone how their day is going. He is a motivated athlete and a role model for his peers. His daily actions show what it truly means to be a Yulee Hornet!


The Era of Learning

Emma Love Hardee Elementary's Fifth Grade ELA teachers traveled back in time to the Renaissance Era to help their students build connections. The fifth graders discovered key details about the artists, architects, and musicians during that time before exploring their learning in various activities.

Seeing Spots!

Mrs. Cordova's Kindergarten Class at Southside Elementary celebrated 101 Days of school dalmatian style. Mrs. Cordova and her students were seeing spots while remembering their 101 days of learning.

Making Wishes Come True

Beta Club Members at Callahan Middle School donated over 50 toys for children at Wolfson Children's Hospital. The club sends their donations through the non-profit Tyler's Toys for Wolfson's Wishlist.

Robotics Scrimmage

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Future Business Leaders

Six students from the Yulee Middle School's FBLA Chapter participated in the district-level competitions, and all six placed first in their events. Two students, Bo Gatti and Abbygale Monroe, are advancing to the state level competition in Orlando in March. Congratulations to Roger Plouffe, Abbygale Monroe, Bo Gatti, Sophie Pouncey, Isabella Adams, and Sam Landers (not pictured)!


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