Peer Pressure

By: Alex Pettis

What is Peer Pressure?

Peer pressure (social pressure) is when a group or individual try to influence a person to do something. The group or individual try to change another's attitude, values, or behavior.

Peer Pressure with Drugs

Drugs are the most common form of peer pressure. Drugs are a substance which has an effect on you when it gets introduced into your body. If somebody offers you drugs say NO!! If you do take the drugs, it can mess up your life. Be alert and know what to do if your in a situation that involves drugs. Step 1- Say NO I do not want the drugs in a firm voice. Step 2- If they offer you the drugs again just walk away and get help. Step 3- Get help from a trusted adult like a school councilor or a Principal. Step 4- Let the trusted adult handle the situation from here.

How can you spread the word?

You can help spread the word on peer pressure and drugs by creating posters and putting them up around your school or community. Also, you can tell trusted adults to be aware of peer pressure and drugs. You might know someone who has experienced peer pressure and situations with drugs. They can help you get more information on what happens and what to do if you need to prevent it. If necessary, you can go to the police and tell them about the situations that you have encountered, seen, or heard about. Lastly, you can go on social media and tell about peer pressure and drugs, what to do if you encounter them and how to prevent this from happening to other people. You can tell them to spread the word and try and stop peer pressure. If you do any of these simple steps you can make a big difference in the world with peer pressure and drugs.