Bad Oil Drilling plans in Alaska

Why it shouldn't happen

The reasons they shouldn't drill

  • They Could SPILL OIL in the water and cause pollution
  • They drive our fish away
  • They are going to endanger our animals
  • Some animals will run out of food and die out
  • Oil spills effect the land and water
  • Moving all this machinery will cause pollution

There are damaging effects

  1. They can cause a rapid increase in population growth in this peaceful area.
  2. Gradually rising of Ecosystem damage.
  3. The natives to Alaska will feel threatened. (Eskimos, Aleuts, and Tlingit)
  4. If the oil is drilled and then gets spilled we lose that oil and damage that ecosystem

Let The Government Know We Don't Want This


The only pro is we get more Industrial resources

Think about the wildlife!

This can kill thousands of animals and damage the ecosystem.