Makayla Mast


I have been dancing ever since i was a kid, and i loved it. I still do. My mom died a year ago. A drunk driver was driving and my mom got in a car crash. I have been missing her ever since. My dad keeps saying shes at my performances in spirit. I believe him. A quote that is important to me is from my dad which is, "Just be your self. Reach out to her if you can. Read my book." The person I don't like the most in my life is Donovan (Layla's boyfriend). We used to be friends when we were little but somehow we grew apart. Now he has Layla and he's always making fun of me because i dance. I really don't like him. He always drives Layla to dance class. Something that is important to me is my dad because he always gives me good advice when i feel down. Diamonds friend Mercedes is really worried about her. She's her closest friend. I would feel the same if my friend got kidnapped. A song that is important to me is "Beat it" by Michael Jackson. A favorite Movie clip? Nope, don't have one. The dance recital was pretty important. This recital was just before our huge performance "Peter Pan". Soon we heard that Diamond escaped and was found in the woods without any clothes. When everybody at the dance studio found out we were all really happy.


Ever since we were in dance class, me and Diamond have been best friends. We go to the same school together, we hang out together, and we both love to dance. Her little sister is so nice, so are her parents. We have been very close friends ever since we met. Something that is important to me is my best friend Diamond because we are very close friends and i just hope that she comes home safely. An important quote to me is from my boyfriend which is, "Everything is going to be OK". I really don't like how the man that my best friend was talking to, kidnapped her. It's not OK for me. I should have been there for her. But, i stayed at the store and the man kidnapped her. I can't believe no one that was around didn't even realize that she was being kidnapped. I can't believe she ditched me to go with a stranger. For me, i don't really have an important song. Favorite Movie clip? hmm...i don't think i have one. The Dance recital was a pretty big deal (Even though Diamond didn't show up). Diamonds mom called and told us that Diamond had come home, so we went over to the hospital and visited her. Apparently she stabbed the guy with a spoon. She was found in the woods without any clothes on!


I love to dance. I have loads of friends that go to the same dance academy. My life was good until I got kidnapped. "I'll call you later. I have a chance to try out for the lead in a peter pan dance movie with diva Dawson and California clover", ever since i texted that i started to regret making that choice. A quote that is important to me is from my mom which is, "You are my star Diamond, never forget that. You will be the best Smee ever." At first, Thane seemed like a friendly person. He said he had a daughter that was a movie star. Later he took me to his house and knocked me out with drugs that he put in my soda. Then i realized he was a very bad person. I hate him. Something that is important to me is my family and friends. I wish i could be with them right now, but Thane won't ever let me out of this room. A quote that describes me is, "Her own curls were tousled and unruly." I can't think of any songs that i like, but i do like dancing to the music that the dance teacher puts on. Favorite movie clip...i don't know. There was a Dance recital but i couldn't go because i got kidnapped. The night when i escaped was scary and a relief at the same time because when i was running away from Thane he and his camera men followed me until the camera men couldn't run any farther and until Thane got stuck in a ditch. I called my mom and they all came for me. Soon i was at the hospital with my mom.


I miss my dad. He has been in Prison for a long time. The last time i saw him was when i was little and we lived in a nice house. We had yellow curtains hanging up and my dad loved them. Then he went to prison because they thought he did something bad. A quote that is important to me is from Mercedes which is, "Dance tonight for your daddy" because i liked the encouragement. The guy who kidnapped Diamond is a horrible person. All I've heard was that he bumped into Diamond at the mall and talked to her while she was eating. Whoever he is, i don't like him. Not one bit. Something that is important to me is Donovan because i don't want to lose him. He sometimes gets aggressive when we are around people, but when we are alone, he isn't. Mercedes is a good friend of Diamond's. I can see why she is upset about Diamond being kidnapped. I don't think i have a favorite song, i just dance to the music that the dance teacher puts on. A favorite movie clip....i don't know. I have a lot of favorite movies but i don't know which clip. Too bad Diamond wasn't at the recital. That was a pretty important event because it was before our big show, "Peter Pan". I still can't believe Diamond has finally come home to us. I heard that she stabbed the guy and ran out of the house and was found in the woods with no clothes on.