Makayla Mast


I am 16 years old and I love to Dance. Its what i like to do. One day i got teased while i was walking down the street. Zac Patterson and Bones. I hated those guys. That day, they just kept teasing me about how i like to dance. They even called me Dance Boy! But enough about them. A couple of days ago, Diamond, a girl in our dance class, disappeared. Apparently she was at the mall with Mercedes when it happened. All of us at the studio are worried about her, especially Mercedes. Mercedes is the closest friend of Diamond. We all are praying that she comes home. Shes a cool girl but i don't "like like" her. I like Layla, but she already has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend treats her badly sometimes. I've been trying to tell Layla that i like her but i always fail. I wish that i could tell her how i feel without failing. Something that is important to me is my dad because i don't think i could live without him and he's always supporting me when we have Recitals.


My name is Mercedes and i go to a Dance Academy with some of my friends. One day me and my friend Diamond went to the mall to get things for the recital that night. We both agreed that we would meet each other at the food court. But when i got done at the store, i got a text saying that a guy offered her a spot in a movie and that she was going with him! I was so worried, i just had to tell someone. So i decided to tell everyone she knows, even her parents. The next day the police started to guard Diamonds house. The police kept asking me questions. There was a vigil where a lot of people came to pray for Diamond and some other missing children. Her parents were so upset about this. We all are hoping that she comes home safely. But other than that life has been going on like the usual. Justin likes Layla but can't work up the courage to tell her though. So that's pretty much all that has been going on. Something that is important to me is my best friend Diamond because we are very close friends and i just hope that she comes home safely.


My life has been going ok until the day i got kidnapped. The guy who kidnapped me was Thane. At first i thought he would be nice guy. He offered me a chance to be in a movie, but it was too good to be true. I decided to text my friend Mercedes and i told her what happened. After that i went and got into his car. The minute we arrived at his house he showed me scripts and stuff. He offered me a drink but little did i know that he was going to drug me! I woke up in a bed that night and i was tied onto a bed without any clothes! I struggled but i couldn't get free. A few minutes later, Thane came in with two other people. I was so scared. He locked me in that room a few days. There was a window was too high. I couldn't reach it. I wonder how my friends are doing without me. Something Important to me is my family and my friends because they care about me so much. "I'll call you later. I have a chance to try out for the lead in a peter pan dance movie with diva Dawson and California clover", ever since i texted that i started to regret making that choice.


Life has been going by normally until the disappearance of Diamond, a girl in our dance class. I heard that she went off with a stranger. Why would she do that? Because the guy offered her a spot in a movie. I think it was bait so he could kidnap her. Everyone in the studio and outside of the studio is worried about her. Besides from that, life has been normal. I have my boyfriend Donovan and everyone at the studio is still dancing. My boyfriend Donovan is amazing. Sometimes he hurts me but i still love him. I am so scared of losing him. Sometimes he hangs out with another girl at school though. I think hes doing it to make me jealous. And then there's Justin, the only male dancer in our class. Sometimes he acts strange around me but that's ok. He is a really good friend to me. The only thing that made me upset was when he punched Donovan in the guts. So that's all that has been going on. Something important to me is my boyfriend Donovan because he loves me and i am scared of losing him.