OES Guidance Newsletter

May 2015

The End is Near!!

The end of the school year is almost here!! YAY!!! Everyone.....hang in there. We know this has been a very trying year but we've almost made it. Continue to support one another and remain positive throughout the remainder of the school year!!
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In our last newsletter, we talked about teachers bullying teachers. In this newsletter, we decided to talk about students bullying teachers. We know that it sounds like an oxymoron. In truth, it does happen but it's not very common. It also doesn't happen as much at the elementary school level, however, it has been reported at this level. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), approximately 55% of secondary teachers and 45% of elementary teachers reported injuries caused by students.

The "violence" could occur as intimidation, verbal assaults as well as physical assaults. Sometimes, the student "violence" is initiated by the parents. The "violence" can be initiated because the parent doesn't like the teacher, the student doesn't like the teacher, etc. When this "violence" happens, the teacher is usually surprised and shocked because we are not used to students being violent with adults.

We wanted to bring this to your attention because this has become a nationwide issue. We will continue to support all of you here and if you have any concerns, please feel free to let us know.





What's Happening This Month

Guidance Lessons

We've covered several different topics this month. During the first full week of May, we did a Mother's Day lesson. We watched a video called "Franklin's Gift." It taught the kids that gifts aren't about how much they cost but how much they come from the heart and how much it will mean to the other person. We then had the students make Mother's Day cards.

The next 2 weeks, we covered different topics. For Kindergarten through 2nd grade, we focused on summer safety. We watched a presentation on summer safety that included Timon and Pumbaa. We then did a summer safety activity where the students had to determine which person would be appropriate to watch them while they swim. We then had the students create their own playground with given pictures. For 3rd and 4th grade, we talked about summer safety as well as test taking strategies. For 5th grade, we did a 5th grade transition lesson. They watch a video of former 6th grade students and then we had a class discussion about what it would be like in 6th grade.

The last week of May we focused on school memories. We had the students create a memory book of the school year. An example of the memory book is below.

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Upcoming Dates

June 2 - ELA EOG

June 3 - Math EOG

June 8 - Field Day (3-5)

June 9 - Field Day (K-2)