Double-Decker Couch

By: Ava, Emily, Austyn, Mason, Joe

The Double Decker Couch!

  • The Double Decker couch is the only couch that can move around with a remote control
  • The couch gives you extra space
  • It's the the knew and improved couch and it comes in any color fabric you want!

Details of the Double Decker Couch

Sunday, April 20th, 1:15am

Every local Furniture Store

  • Provides more sitting space for family's that have lots of family members.
  • If you don't want to get up to get things you can just wheel the couch around using the remote controller.
  • You can get the couch in different sizes to fit your area (Standard: 9 ft.)

Special Features!

It is move able

Gives you double the space

Comes with two extra batteries for the remote

Comparing Double Decker Couch

  • Sears Couch: $652.49
  • Furniture Land bunk bed: $419
  • LA-Z-Boy couch: 1,589

  • Double Decker Couch Price: $1,242.95

Double Decker Couch Marketing Plan

We will be marketing our product to people in the ages of 18-35 because those people are normally buying a house and furniture at that age.

Savings Appeal

If you are one of the first 10 callers you get the Double Decker couch half off!


  • Seven out of Eight people prefer the Double Decker Couch over a normal couch.


LA-Z-Boy couch: $1,589

Double Decker Couch: $1,242.95

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Transfer and Fantasy

Clay Matthews is always working so hard and needs a break, so we gave him our Double Decker Couch to try out and he said he loved it!


Double-it-up, Double-it-up, Double-it-up, Double-it-up, Double-it-up On Wheels!


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  • LA-Z-Boy Website
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