Roommate(s) Wanted!!

About me & what I'm looking for in a roommate

I’m 18 and going to be a sophomore in collage this year. I’m a mixture of country and a city girl. I love the outdoors and outdoor activities. I’m a diehard swimmer who loves food. I’m always looking forward to new adventures, I don’t so drugs or anything nasty like it, I can talk a lot but I can also be really quite, and you’ll always find me smiling about something. I’m not afraid to be a little kid from time to time. I’m a blond with short hair but growing it out. I am a hard worker, and love to build things by hand. I have a fear of spiders and huge bugs. If you prank me, be ready for a prank back! I make corny jokes that I know aren’t funny but I’ll tell them anyways. I’m respectful to others as long as they respect me back.

What I'm looking for in a roommate

I’m not that strict on a person, but I do have some things that I would like to have in a roommate. First absolutely NO drugs! I don’t want that stuff in my room and smelling things up. Second they have to tidy. They don’t have to been super tidy but I would like the room to look cleaned up and not a pigsty. Third they have to keep up on their personal hygiene. I do not want a person that does not keep themselves cleaned up. Also another thing is that you have to pull your own weight. I don’t mind helping others out with stuff but I also don’t want to be doing all of the work around.

Hope to see you soon!