First Day of School Reminders

Let's meet at 3:35 to review and adjust the day, if needed.

Building Reminders

1.) Your teacher mailbox is in the office. You can find your office and cafeteria envelopes placed there.

2.) Be sure you have a clear understanding of all building related schedules that pertain to you (including arrival and dismissal duties). Being on time and sticking to the schedule is so important, especially LUNCH! Thanks, in advance, for your help!.

3.) We will be solving the walkie talkie dilemma and delivering them to your classroom. We should have enough for each teacher. Please carry and turn on your walkie talkie at all times when you are outside of your classroom (playground, outdoor classroom, lunch, library, etc).

4.) Take attendance as soon as you arrive in your classroom from the gym.

5.) Classroom Jobs: It is a great idea to set up Classroom Jobs for students. One such "job" can be to deliver the attendance and cafeteria envelopes.

6.) The first day is about CONNECTION& RELATIONSHIP accomplished by setting expectations, procedures, and the tone for summer. Scroll down for some TERRIFIC VIDEOS about setting up your Classroom Family.

7.) Click the link below for a quick reference on accessing SIS.

8.) Stretch your brain and your willingness to take risks in your teaching practices each day! Together, we can do this! Failure breeds creativity and reward!


  • Be sure all parents have been called for dismissal confirmation. (We can help you confirm this from the office, if you let us know early in the day). Only dismiss students if you are absolutely sure of the way you were told they should dismiss.
  • Safety is our top priority!
  • Students should wear a dismissal sticker each day.
  • Make sure your grade level team is prepared for dismissal. If in doubt, let the office know as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry!
  • Turn in bus rosters to the office after all your bus riders are placed on the bus.

Pictures from Friday, May 29

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Safe and Calm for Children -- Children Meditation Song -- Children's Songs by The Learning Station
"Just Breathe" by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films)