Thursday Brief

February 5

Swim Send Off

Don't forget to go out and cheer on the swim team if you can at 11:30. Thanks! You can line up at Huslin Hornet or Waldron.

Fun Run Parent Brochure

You may go ahead and send those in the Thursday take home folders. I will also do a call out so parents know it's coming and won't toss it! I have a couple in Spanish. Please see Nadine if you are short or need Spanish. If you have extras, please send up to Nadine as well.

Accessibility Features & Allowable Accommodations

During data meetings we've discussed many students and potential accessibility features and allowable accommodations that may benefit specific students. Please take the time to watch some of these videos and read the corresponding documents.


Accessibility Features are allowable TO ALL STUDENTS.

Allowable Accommodations are available to students that meet eligibility through RTI, 504, or SPED.

RTI Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 27th, 3:15-5pm

Nikol's Office

Please RVSP if you need to bring anyone to RTI.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

SBDM Meeting

A lot was discussed. Please give input at your department meeting and look for surveys I may be sending for feedback. See below for minutes and documents.

Gently Used Books for Resource Fair

We'd like to give out books at our resource fair. If you have any gently used books to donate we will collect them in the office conference room. Please put them in a bag or a box. Thank you.


Vote in the Primary Election!!! Your voice is needed.


Internet Safety Presentations (Calendar)

Wednesday 2/19/20

Time Teacher start off/drop off Teacher start off/drop off

8-8:30 Featherby- Rm. 301 /then Music Provence-Rm.301/ then Sci Lab

8:35-9:10 LaCour-Music/ then Rm 301 Nelson-Sci Lab/ then Rm. 301

9:15-9:45 Wyrick-Rm 301/ then Comp.Lab Stone-Rm.301/then Art

9:50-10:25 Wilson-Comp. Lab/ then Rm. 301 White-Art /then Rm. 301

10:30-11 Jackson-Rm. 301/ then Comp.Lab Ames-Rm.301/ then Art

11:05-11:35 Vanderslice-Comp. Lab/then Rm. 301 Bentz-Art/then Rm. 301

Lunch Lunch Lunch

12:30-1 Fordyce-Rm. 301 /then TLC Tweddle-Rm. 301/ then TLC

1:05-1:35 (Gusler) Atkinson TLC/ then Rm. 301 A. Morgan-TLC/ then Rm. 301

1:45-2:15 Steward-Rm. 301/then Music Clark-Rm. 301/ then Sci. Lab

2:20-2:50 Rowe-Music/then Rm. 301 Alvarado-Sci.Lab/then Rm. 301

Thursday 2/20/20

Time Teacher: start off/drop off Teacher : start off/drop off

8-8:30 Sykes-Rm. 301/ then Music Barnec-Rm. 301 /then Sci.Lab

8:35-9:10 Daubenspeck-Music /then 301 Harris-Sci. Lab/ then Rm. 301

9:15-9:45 McPartlin-Rm. 301 /then Comp.Lab Dyckman-Rm. 301/then Art

9:50-10:25 Beckwith-Comp. Lab/ then Rm. 301 Hurst-Art/then Rm. 301

10:30-11 McAliley-Rm. 301 /then Comp. Lab Cooper-Rm. 301 /then Art

11:05-11:35 Jones-Comp.Lab / then Rm. 301 Elliot-Art /then Rm. 301

Lunch Lunch Lunch

12:30-1 S. Morgan-Rm. 301 /hen Comp. Lab Messina-Rm. 301/then Art

1:05-1:35 Falany-Comp.Lab/ then Rm. 301 Ready-Art/ then Rm. 301

1:45-2:15 Kasper-Rm. 301 /then TLC Robinson-Rm. 301/then TLC

2:20-2:50 Ainsworth-. TLC / then Rm. 301 Flores-TLC/ then Rm. 301

Family Engagement Night-Wednesday, February 19th

If you signed up to help, please email me what you would like to do and location if you have a preference.

From Mrs. Cristan

  • Dyslexia Screeners:
    • If you suspect that a student has dyslexia, please contact Mrs. Quesada; there is an updated screener.
    • In order to begin the screener, the following items need to be submitted:
        • Copy of 2nd Grade TPRI (found in the student’s cume folder)
        • Dated writing samples (student taking notes, compositions not yet edited or revised, etc…)
        • Latest copy of Fountas and Pinnell
          • Coding should follow the Errors and Self-Correction chart in your blue or green Benchmark Assessment System
          • If you need a refresher on how to score the Fountas and Pinnell, – please see Mrs. Hoover for additional training or a refresher.

**The above information will become part of the Dyslexia referral if screener shows evidence of Dyslexia tendencies.

  • After School Transportation Cards:
    • Please make sure that you are providing each student with a transportation card. The cards are used to verify how the student got home at the end of the day when a parent questions the whereabouts of their kiddo.
    • If the card is hard to read and/or in a very poor condition, please replace the card. Additional transportation cards were copied and placed in the workroom on our Professional Development day last month - Thank you Paras!

  • 504 Students:
    • Please review your students’ accommodations pages.
    • If any classroom and/ or STAAR accommodation changes need to occur, please contact the parent and then let me know before the end of February.

  • Textbooks:
    • Please send any extra textbooks to the bookroom (place along the wall outside of bookroom).
    • Textbook orders will be sent to Central Office by the beginning of March. I cannot submit order until I inventory what is on campus. The sooner I get all extra books, the sooner I can place our order for next school year. :->

From Hoover


Training Requirements-everyone administering tests must complete by March 6th and turn in certificates to Hoover.

The training modules can be found at and address the following topics:

· Module 1: Active Monitoring—explains the expectations for active monitoring and demonstrates how to correctly implement this requirement.

· Module 2: Distribution of Test Materials—familiarizes personnel with common errors made when materials are distributed and offers strategies for preventing these mistakes.

· Module 3: Proper Handling of Secure Materials—addresses the expectations for protecting the contents of secure test materials and presents examples of the risks and consequences of common errors that could result in breaches of security and confidentiality.

Please read all emails pertaining to the writing on-line STAAR and preparing our students for it. Ms. Harms will begin on Thursday Feb 6th at 7:15 in room 117. An updated list will be sent out. Please inform parents and students about this opportunity to practice typing for the writing STAAR test and the benchmark.

4th grade teachers with ESL students please meet with Ms. Hoover by Feb 10th to go over testing accommodations for ESL students.

3rd grade teacher with ESL students please meet with Ms. Hoover by Feb 21st to go over testing accommodations for ESL students.


Make sure you are entering reading levels on Skyward each six weeks.

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From Mrs. Villarreal

*Teachers, I am still accepting GT referrals. Send me the name of the student and subject areas you recommend for testing. If you have already done so, do not send the names again.

*There is a new protocol for requesting a dyslexia screener: 1. Meet with Mrs. Quesada or email her about your student; 2. Provide complete copy of the 2nd grade TPRI, located in the student’s cumulative record in the front office file room; 3. Attach DATED copies of the student’s writing samples, to include student’s notes, rough drafts or compositions, math work, work with a lot of erasing, etc. 4. Copy of the student’s latest F&P with the correct coding that follows the errors and self-correction chart. 5. After all of the documents have been received by Mrs. Quesada, she will give you the screener and you can complete it or she can also do it. Should the screener reveal a need for dyslexia testing, the above listed documents will become part of the referral.

*For Special Education referrals, please make sure you have updated DMAC with everything YOU are doing to assist your student in that subject. I have seen some referrals that only have the intervention teacher’s strategies. I want you to get credit for what you are doing with your student. Also, enter in testing accommodations, print, and give them to Mrs. Hoover.

*For Special Education referrals, I will also be needing the latest F&P information for your student. Some teachers have given me the Instructional Reading Level Targets per six weeks which is an excellent tool for SPED diagnosticians to see where the student is currently reading and where he/she has stopped making progress.

*We will have a WATCH Dog volunteer on Friday, 2/21/20. He will be in Mrs. Beckwith’s and Mrs. Wilson’s classes, but he can also swing by if you have an activity that you need help with. It is Mr. Hetticher, and some of our students know him already. Please email me if you would like him to help out in your room that day. I am working on making a schedule for him so respond to me soon.

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Positivity Project Week 22: (non-scheduled week) FUN RUN VIDEOS

Next week was a "make up week" but we will be doing the fun run videos anyway. I'm really hoping they will work on the announcements, but in case they don't. Here they are.

Team Day 1 (Tuesday): Honesty vs Dishonesty

Team Day 2 (Wednesday): Gratitude vs Ingratitude

Team Day 3 (Thursday): Generosity vs Selfishness

Team Day 4 (Friday): Kindness vs Bullying

Weekly Calendar

ThursdayFebruary13Relay Luncheon

ThursdayFebruary13Progress Reports

FridayFebruary14Valentine's Day

MondayFebruary17President's Day

MondayFebruary17Run-A-Thon Kick OffCafeteria

TuesdayFebruary18Tia SykesBirthday

WednesdayFebruary19Family Engagement Evening

WednesdayFebruary19Internet Safety Presentationsall dayscheduledin V's classroom

ThursdayFebruary20Internet Safety Presentationsall dayscheduledin V's classroom

SaturdayFebruary22FBISD Resource Fair

Black History Month!

Here are some resources for Black History Month. This includes children's literature to read to students. Please look and put some discussions on the importance of Black History Month in your lessons for February. Thank you! (And thank you Ms. Evans, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Flores, and Ms. Ready for helping with Black History Month.

Black History Month 2020.docx

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Summer Professional Development

These look like great workshops. Even if you don't have inclusion, many of you know you get students that struggle and are very below level. These strategies could help in all classes.

Let me know if you'd like me to get a PO for you to attend.

Also, if there other PD in the summer you ever want to go to, just let me know and I will try my best to send you.