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boosterthon time!

Students throughout the past 2 weeks we have been having Boosterthon huddles. The main goal this year is to learn about teamwork a highly needed skill in school, sports, and at home. Our main leaders this year are Triple Trace, Obie Sean Kenobi. Everyone will try to get a pledge it will highly benefit all of us with new technology. In just a few simple steps everyone can get a pledge. Sign up at Boosterthon.com .

All pledges are due by October 16th, so please keep pledging and get them sent in as soon as possible! Thanks for your support & thank you for reading this article.

Check out our video to see how hard we worked and how much fun we had!




As we leave UNIT 1 we head in to UNIT 2. We will be learning the amazing and quite astonishing history of our Native Americans. It truly is a historic topic that we need to understand us living in the United States. it is important to know of are natives and the roles they played in all of our lives. Thank you for reading my article .

by: Arturo Whipple .


BREAKING NEWS! in science we are learning about landforms and how to read maps. we are learning about geography too. Mount Shasta is also one of our main focuses. We are also keeping a moon phases calendar to head into our next unit: sun, moon, and stars.It will be a great unit about astronomy. That's all for today folks.

by: Levi Larsen

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In reading we are learning about fact and opinion and how to write a race response. We are also have different vocabulary words a week and they are for a certain story. We are going into more complex sentences and adding appositives to our sentences. We are also learning about text structure and how it is helpful so you know what a good text needs, compare and contrast, cause and effect, sequential order, problem and solution.

by: Cameran Isenberger

marvless math

In 5th grade math you guys are learning about width, length, height and volume. Remember don't talk with your friends in class or you will get moved. In 6th grade math we are starting rates in lesson 16 , remember to turn in your homework.