The Raging Rhino

By Kim Clarke


What would you do if you had a horn made of hair? Can you imagine that! Lets ask a rhino.

Today you are going to learn about a rhino and its amazing features,physical characteristics, food chain, and ecosystem. I hope you enjoy.

Physical characteristics

My Rhino has a fat body,and horns that are made of hair can you believe that.It's skin is really rough and bumpy,and the color of the rhino is gray. A Rhino makes a roaring sound. I sure would be scared of an animal like a Rhino. A Rhino has small eyes and a small tail. It has leathery skin,and has really big feet. My animal is a herbivore,herbivores are animals that only eat plants.
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Food Chain

The sun gives energy to the grass to grow. Then The rhino eats the grass,then the lion eats the rhino,and then the decomposers break downs the rhino and turns it into soil for plants to grow.
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  1. My rhinos habitat is grassland and it has a lot of different animals in it like snakes, praying mantis,cheetahs,and more!. a grassland get a lot less rain and has a lot of grass than a forest does. The grass in the grassland are very tall.


After all, Rhinos may be mean on the outside but its really friendly on the inside and when you get to know one you'll love it for those scary people out there so if see one try not to scream because you will hurt its feelings.