Rebel Without a Cause

By: Katrina W.


Character Traits

Judy is a very flirtatious person. She is normaly hanging out with many boys. She seemed to be very interested in getting to know more about Jim Stark when he first moved to town. Judy wanted to hang out with Jim and started to like him a lot after only knowing him for a short time. Judy is also a very emotional person. It seems that she can go from being very happy to being upset and angry in a short amount of time. An example of this from the movie would be when she was at the police station, at first she was angry that she was there but a short time later she was crying because her mother had to pick her up.

Characters Main Problem

Judy wants to know what it feels like to be loved. She feels that nobody loves her, not even her family. She is very upset and does not understand why her father does not show her any affection anymore. When ever she tries to show affection towards her father he always becomes up set and says that girls her age do not do things like that. Her father became so up set that he had hit her.

Judy's Change/What She Learned

Judy did not really change through out the movie, but we get the chance to learn more about her life and why she decides to act way she does. We do not get to find out if her family situation improves or stays the same. Judy does find out what love is. She was trying to fin out what love truly is through out the movie, and she is finally able to experience love with Jim.

Theme of the Moive

I think that the main theme of the moive being who you are. And doing what you believe is the right thing to do, even if the people who you are suppose to trust the most tell you not to do it. But just because they are suppose to have your best interest at heart does not mean that they always will. It means that you are the one who needs to step up and do the right thing if no one else will.

Did Plato Kill the Puppies Because He' s a Bad Person? Or is There a Deeper Psychological Reason?

I believe that Plato killed the puppies because he has a psychological problem. I do not believe that Plato is a bad person. He had a bad homelife. His family did not really care about him and had not seen him for quite some time. The only memory he had of his father is that they would eat breakfast together. He has no one to look up to or to feel close to. He does not know what behavior is right and what behavior is wrong.


The chickie run is a symbol of the type of person Jim is and who he wants to be. It helps to show how brave and determined Jim can be. It also shows the restlessness and rebelliousness that teenagers have.