Alfred Lizarda

You're Not The Only One

The person I inteviewed was

My Mother, Mary Grace Lizarda!!!!

What years were you in Middle School (7t-8th grade)?

she went to middle school in the years: 1989-1990.

What kind of music, movies, and fashion were popular at the time?

Love songs were popular at that time, scary movies were really liked by middle school students, and bell bottom pants were also popular at that time.

What were your favorite activities in middle school? What were your hobbies and interests?

My mom's favorite activities were all the school activity programs. Her interests are making money.

What job/interests/activities in middle school? is there a connection between what you like back then and what you enjoy today?

My mom's first job was an chemical engineer, but now she assembles, and makes lasers, the safe ones, and the dangerous ones. These jobs did not have any connections to her from back then and from now.

What was the best part about being in Middle School?

She developed self-confidence because of going to Middle school.

What was the worst part about being in Middle School?

She hated being teased or being made fun of.
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How would you describe your middle school self?

My mom would describe herself as shy.
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What advice about growing-up would you give to kids my age?

Never be late for class, do your homework all the time, have confidence, and be a roll model.

My two questions for my mom are:

What was your unforgettable moment in middle school?
When she was the singing contest champion in her school.
Do you have any frustrations?
Yes, she did, because she started going to school at a young age, that's why her classmates were older and taller than her.