Today's government and economics

Mexico, Cuba, and brazil

Mexico's government

Mexico has been a federal republic since 2013. It has 1 federal district and has 31 state.mexico gained their independence on September 16, 1810. In Mexico u must be 18 or older too vote, but you are not enforce too vote.

Mexico won their independence on November 7,November. Mexico is a bicameral country.

Cuba's government

Cuba's has a Communist a type of government. Cuba is ruled by Raul Castto. Cuba has 15 province's and 1 special. Also on December 10, 1898 Cuba got their in dependence from Spain. Cuba only has 3 political parties. They are Cuban, communist, and the PCC.

Mexico's economics

Mexico is a Mix economy. Mexico has a GDP of 1, 161 trillion dollars. The GOD per capita is only 18, 500 per person. Also 4. 5% of people are o. The unemployment list, and as high as 25% are underemployed.

Brazil government

Brazil is a presidential democracy. It has 26 states and 1 federal district. They won their independence on September 7, 1822.