Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade - February 6-10


Lunch Menu

Monday: Chicken Tenders w/ roll Grilled Cheeseburger Bean & Cheese Tostadas w/ Rice Peppered Corn

Tuesday: Classic Cheese Pizza Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll Juicy Hot Dog Seasoned Potato Wedges

Wednesday: Cheesy Nachos Breaded Chicken Sandwich Turkey & Cheese Sub Refried Beans

Thursday: Spaghetti w/ Meatballs & Breadstick Seasoned Chicken Quesadilla Zesty Chicken Fajita Pizza

Friday: Beef Tacos w/ Rice Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap Baked Chicken Nuggets w/ Roll Mashed Potatoes


Spelling - Unit 17

Vocabulary - Unit 17: suffixes -al and -ial

This week we will continue working on compare/contrast of 2 texts. We will also learn to evaluate a summary of a text.

Vocabulary practice pages due on Friday.

Spelling Test, Vocabulary test, & Comprehension test on Friday!


We will continue with Unit 9: Geometry. Students will review area and perimeter and 3 dimensional figures. We will learn different ways to classify quadrilaterals and triangles. Students will take a quiz on Thursday and start measurement conversions on Friday.


Students will review Sun, Moon, & Earth, and Weather & Climate on Monday. Unit test will be on Tuesday. We begin food webs and chains on Wednesday.

Social Studies

Week 17: Trouble Between the States. Students will read about Compromises & Kansas, The Underground Railroad, and The Election on Abraham Lincoln. Quiz on Friday