2016 Open Enrollment

Nov 11, 2015 | Daily Progress Update

Daily Reports and Updates

The daily report has been posted to the Common X Drive > HR & Benefits > 2016 Benefits > Open Enrollment Reporting 11.11.xls.

This report reflects employees who need to complete their 2016 medical plan enrollment election (enroll or decline). Even if employees do not wish to make any changes, they must still go online to confirm their 2016 medical benefits. The second tab of the workbook contains the Barometer stats for each location.

As of today - companywide - we are at 62% completion.

First Five Competition Update

CNL Managed Communities First Five!

  1. Rosemont
  2. Bridgewood
  3. High Desert
  4. Huntington Terrace
  5. West Hills

CHR Managed Communities First Five!

  1. Brighton Court

PCI ALF First Five!

  1. Henderson
  2. Living Court
  3. Marysville
  4. Mira Loma
  5. Hazel Dell

PCI SNF First Five!

  1. Clarkston
  2. Propac - Kent

Shout Out to Lancaster!

100% Online Election Complete at Lancaster!

Lancaster has been diligently working on their list and scheduled times to come in on the NOC shift and also allowed for times during the day for employees to come in the office for assistance with Open Enrollment. Together they were able to reset passwords when needed, answer questions and help people who do not have computers enroll at the building.

Great team work! Below is a picture of the Lancaster Ambassadors.

Big image

Shout Out to Clarkston!

Congratulations to the Benefit Ambassadors at Clarkston!

Below is a picture of some of the Clarkston Ambassadors and staff during an all staff meeting; picture is courtesy of Dan Knapp!

Big image

Shout Out to Hungtington Terrace!

At Huntington Terrace the effort was completed to get everyone enrolled as they came on shift, even NOC! Quote from Catherine Lovett, "It was worth it to get it all done."

Thank you for the idea share and great work!

Photo's below: Cat Lovett, Sheryl Murdock, and Taylor Alleger - winner of the iPod!

Shout Out to Marysville!

Marysville brought on the competition internally! Here is their story share:

Marysville made a friendly competition between AL and Expressions managers. The first manager that had all their employees enrolled would receive a pizza party for their staff. Expressions won, and the building won by getting all our employees enrolled. Sherri Banford, Expressions Manager.

Great story and way to make it fun - way to go!

Shout Out to West Hills!

West Hills comes in as the 5th CNL Managed Community to complete 100%! Great job Danny Trout and Maria Stewart!

Photo below: Danny Trout and Scarecrow

Big image

We Want to Hear and Share Your Success Story

Email us at the Benefits team and share your Open Enrollment success story! Include photo's of your team and what you did to make it fun and successful!

  • What did you do to make it fun?
  • Make it effective?
  • How did you host your Open Enrollment meeting? Did you invite spouses?
  • What take-a-way would you recommend to others and do differently next year?
  • What worked well?
  • Send us a picture of your team!

Central Support Benefits Team

Extended Hours During Open Enrollment (Nov 2-Nov 16)

Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 6:00PM

Saturday Nov 7 and Nov 14 8:00AM-12:00PM