Springtime Glorious Springtime

eTwinning Project

Partner schools from Poland, Turkey, Latvia and Greece

The aim of the project is to celebrate SPRING. We want: to arouse children's curiosity about the world and discover the beauty of the season by observing the nature around them, taking photos, drawing pictures; to enrich their English vocabulary with spring-related terms; to develop writing skills (acrostic poems, guided writing); to develop children's creativity and ICT skills.

What are we doing?

Our cooperation is going to concern the following topics: Presenting students and schools, A bit of geography, Making a logo for our project, Making a spring dictionary, Spring in my country, Spring songs, rhymes and poems, Spring weather and fashion, Spring celebrations (the First Day of Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day and any other that is typical of your country), Spring games and quizzes, Spring recipes, Evaluation of the project. The project is going to last about 3 months.

They will use a lot of tools: e-mail, other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Twinspace, Web publishing.