Wright Brothers

First in flight

The Wright Brothers first in flight

The Wright Brothers were very brave and creative because they attempted to fly without knowing if it would be successful. They were creative because they built a airplane that flew. They demonstrated creativity in the field of engineering because they engineered an airplane. They were influenced to fly and make the first airplane by a model airplane their dad had brought home. Instead of falling to the floor like they had expected, it flew across the room. Neither brother was married because they only had time for their work.

The Wright brothers criative geniues

I would compare Van Gogh to the Wright brothers because they the had special techniques in their work. One of the Wright brothers techniques was the ways they put things in place on the airplane. The ways they learned to build was that they used to build bicycles. I think the brothers have already past the test of time because they built a airplane and are recognized for it. On December 17 1903 the brothers made their first successful flight that was 100 years ago.