Schoology 101: Parent Edition

A Guide to Getting Started with Schoology

Why Schoology?

Schoology is a Learning Management System that enables teachers to create tasks, assignments, and assessments that both inform teachers of student progress, as well as provide students with learning experiences that promote their development of the 4Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Schoology continues to be our Learning Management System for grades K -12 at Avon Grove Charter School.

Step 1: Set up your parent account

Schoology parent access is enabled to allow parents to view student courses using their own Schoology credentials.

Why should you create an account?

The purpose of creating a Parent Account is to keep you informed of your child's learning experience, while also providing all students with anonymity as student names will be removed from course information.

Step 2: Understand your access

When you sign up for a free Schoology parent account, you will have access to two different views.

  • Personal Account: allows you to interact in courses/groups as a parent--please know that our district does not currently permit parents to join student courses and groups.

  • Child Activity View: allows you to view courses/groups that your child is enrolled in, so you are truly viewing the course/group as your student. Please note, you will not be able to interact in course activities or discussions, nor make submissions on your child's behalf.

Understand your access: Viewing Your Child’s Activity

Click here to learn everything you need to know from Schoology regarding your Parent account and access.

Step 3: Manage your Nofitications

The notification settings for your Personal Account and Child Activity View are different, to change the notifications, view the links below.

Download the Schoology App

Stay up to date, and download the Schoology app to your phone or tablet.