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The Passion Project Issue

Passion Projects Beginning...

I am really excited about a new learning opportunity beginning in our classroom: Passion projects! It is a block of time set aside for students to learn about whatever they want to.

The rules are simple. There are 3 parts to every project: Research, Product, and Presentation.

The kids have been learning about research techniques and writing reports based on their research. I just want them to read about what they want to learn and have proof that they've researched it. This can be answering a question or learning a skill.

Next, they must create a product or obtain a skill based on their learning. This could be a book about penguins, how to juggle 4 things, or even a movie about what they learned.

Finally, they must share their learnings with us. They must report, demonstrate, play, perform, read, or display, their learning.

Safety is important. Students are not allowed to have sharp objects or dangerous chemicals (or other harmful things in their projects) and the materials must be things I can get at the school store or are easily obtainable (cardboard, paper, string, etc.).

Hopefully we will get the opportunity to share these with you. Here are some links to videos about passion projects (or genius hour as it's called in some places...)


Writing Reviews and Sharing Our Opinions!

In writing, we are beginning to learn the craft of opinion writing. Students will learn how to make a belief statement and provide evidence that their opinion is a strong one. Right now we are writing short reviews about things we like and sharing why we think they are good things (like doughnuts!). This is the beginning of a writing skill that they will be called upon to display in their final IB high-school exams. The journey begins now.