Ms. Klein's Second Grade Newsletter

Monday, December 7, 2015

This week...

we'll ask, "WHy is it important to follow safety rules?" In the humorous fiction story Officer Buckle and Gloria, we'll read about the teamwork between a police officer and his dog. We'll read about a different kind of teamwork in the play Safety at Home.

Target Vocabulary: attention, buddy, obeys, speech, enormous, safety, shocked, station

Phonics Skills: Compound word; schwa vowel sounds

Vocabulary Strategy: Root words

Comprehension Skill: Cause and effect - tell how one event makes another happen

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify - find ways t ofigure out what doesn't make sense

Writing Focus: Opinion writing - persuasive essay


We will continue Topic 8 Adding Two Digit Numbers and take our test at the end of the week. Next week we will start Topic 9 and hopefully get to our third lesson before break starts!


We are learning so much about nutrient and exercise! It was wonderful to take our field trip to Arrowhead Stadium and see how making good choices now in life will help us when we are older.

Black Bob Dates

Wednesday: Chipotle Night 50% of sales goes back to Black Bob!

Friday: School Spelling Bee

Thursday, Dec. 17: Winter Parties (PM)

Friday, Dec. 18: Last Day of School

Monday, Dec 21-Jan. 5 NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, Jan. 6 First Day Back to SCHOOL