Stressful Jobs

The most stressful jobs today in America

All This Stress is Getting To Me!

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress is a result from anxiety and can lead to many bad thing I think the people that do these jobs definitely would agree that their jobs were full of this definition.

The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

1.Enlisted Military Personnel

This job has stress because it involves putting your life on the line everyday. You fight for your country never knowing if you will survive the day.

Median Salary-$29,000

2.Military General

A military general is a high ranked military officer who are in the top of command.

Median salary: $196,000


This job has stress because it also involves risking your life and working long hours. You fight fires and helping at wrecks and other things needed by the community.

Median salary: $45,000

4.Airline Pilot

An airline pilot flies an air craft. The airline pilot have many people's lives they are responsible for.

Median salary: $114,000

5.Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are in charge of every facet of meeting and events. If an event does not go well, it is on their shoulders. That is why this job is stressful.

Median salary: $46,000

6.Public Relations Executive

These workers manage the information between organizations or individuals and the general public.
Median salary: $54,000

7. Senior Corporate Executive

Corporate executives are the public faces of these companies, thus are beholden to investors, board members, employees and the public. This job is stressful because he makes many big decisions. Median salary: $168,000

8. Newspaper Reporter

These people report news when it happens to their companies. Newsrooms around the country are cutting back on staff and requiring reporters to work longer hours at lower pay, and be masters of new online technologies. These changes add to the stress of a job that already carries the responsibility of working under the strictest of deadlines as well as a high public profile. Median salary: $36,000

9. Police Officer

Police officers enforce the law in their local areas.

Median salary: $55,000

10. Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers take people wherever they want to go. They are usually just in big cities.

Median salary: $23,000