The biggest scandal of the 20th century

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The watergate scandal took place in the 1970's. Nixon panicked due to leaked information and assembled a group called "the white house plumbers" which he assembled to halt any chance of information being leaked. The president's rivals were recorded on a list of enemies. He had many people who he feared can change his chances of reelection. There was a system set up to tap in to phone lines and steal information located at The Watergate Hotel. Soon after many of these break ins (which Nixon was overseeing) the burglars were arrested. Nixon then instructed to CIA to insure that further FBI investigations would not take place so that the finances behind The Watergate break-in would not be revealed. After this, the Nixon administration denied being involved in the burglary almost immediately. Still, clues continued to come up that conflicted with these claims. Eventually the burglars were found guilty by a grand jury. Nixon was the reelected and then the scandal exploded. Investigations began immediately in the mid 1970's. It was then revealed that President Nixon was the one who knew about the cover up. It was then revealed that recording devices used for investigation purposes were installed around the white house. Nixon utilized executive privilege to avoid the tapes being leaked. Nixon dismissed many government officials. He stood by his claim that he was not a crook. In 1974 the watergate tapes were released. Some of the material on the tapes were removed and it was said that some of the people aware of the situation had received what is called "hush money". He was given two choices when found out: step down or face impeachment. He then resigned publicly from office in 1974.

Media Portrayal

Media biases

The Tribune overcame its republican slant to expose all of the lies that President Nixon had told to the public. Secret plans were made to destroy the democratic party's plans. If Nixon were to be exposed the democrats would have the upper hand. Another bias was that the republicans in the government kept quiet about this situation.

Historical criticism

The perception of the issue can be viewed in a historical critical lens when you look at the history of republicans in the presidency.

Marxist criticism

This controversy can also be viewed from a marxist critical lens because Nixon is pushing the limits of his presidency and manipulating the people. He also misuses executive privilege to keep himself safe.


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