Traits Prespective Guidelines

Monica Stewart


Gordon Allport
  • American psychologist and personality theorist who researched idea that all personalities are unique
  • He work in Harvard in 1924. He was best know for Traits theory of Personality.

Raymond Cattel

  • English psychologist who research whether some traits predicted others
  • He worked in University of Illinois in 1945, then move to Hawaii to continue teaching. Best known for 16 Personality Factors.

Hans Eysenck

  • German psychologist who researched the genetically - influenced dimensions of personality
  • He work as Professor Emeritus until he pass. Best known for Personality and Intelligence

William Sheldon

  • American psychologist and physician
  • He work as a Professor of medicine at University of Oregon Medical School. Best known for Body Type Determine by Personality

Big 5


  1. independent <-------->Conforming
  2. Imaginative <-----------> Practical



Emotional Stability