Remember back to your childhood whether at home, or school or at your church you saw the Advent Wreath and watched each week as a candle was lit. The Advent Wreath is a visual reminder of the “people who lived in darkness” who waited for the Messiah, the Christ. The more candles that give off light, the closer we are to Christmas when the Light came in the world as a child. Our children know the story and begin to build their spiritual memories as they create, draw and act out the nativity. We can learn much from observing their simple faith. It is an invitation to us to remember the great joy that was experienced at the birth of Jesus. The meaning of the Advent Wreath and the Advent season extends beyond the nativity. For all of us it is a reminder of what is truly important. The gift of Christ to us was the real gift. We are also reminded that Jesus already came and that He left each of us with a gift and a call that, when shared with others, keeps the Light present and living. May our lives model to the children entrusted to us, the presence of Christ within our hearts and our lives. The Spirit, the Presence of God within us, is visible if we each say yes to the call. Become the Light.

Donna Lemaire


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