BEST Updates

For Mentors and District Leads - Fall 2017


Thank you for becoming a mentor, a very important part of your colleague's first years of teaching. As a part of the Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST), your work will support a system of comprehensive induction for novice teachers. The graphic below is a reminder of the phases your mentee will be experiencing during the course of the school year. They are, in fact, likely somewhere between survival and disillusionment. As a mentor, weekly check-ins are a great way to show your support. In addition to those weekly check-ins, if you haven't yet scheduled your first observation, now is a great time to do so.

As a part of the NEWESD 101 BEST Consortium, your district will receive support from the NEWESD 101 staff. As questions arise or support is needed, please know we are here to support you as you support your novice teachers. Call or email anytime, our contact information is located at the end of this newsletter.

"What we do for new teachers, we do for their students. What we fail to do for new teachers, we fail to do for their students." Marcy Yoshida, OSPI

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Mentor Professional Learning Opportunitites

Mentor Academy 101

All mentors are expected to attend Mentor Academy 101. The next opportunity to do so in our region will be November 7 & 8. An email will be sent as soon as registration is open.

Mentor Roundtables

Mentors are asked to attend at least 3 roundtables. These are offered both in-person and virtually.

In-Person Regional Roundtables

Regional roundtables are opportunities for mentors and coaches to build their knowledge, practice their skills, network with colleagues, and reflect on their work supporting teacher growth. Mentor Roundtable attendance does not require registration.

Facilitator: Nancy Cole

Date...................................... Location

10/11/2017...........................NEWESD 101 Conference Center

11/15/2017.......................... Spokane Valley Tech

1/31/2018.............................NEWESD 101 Conference Center

2/26/2018.............................Spokane Valley Tech

3/21/2018.............................NEWESD 101 Conference Center

4/23/2018.............................Spokane Valley Tech


4:00 - 6:00 PM


NEWESD 101 Conference Center
4202 South Regal St.
Spokane, WA 99223

Spokane Valley Tech
115 S. University Rd.
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

NEWESD 101 Teaching and Learning Network Roundtables

In addition to the roundtables offered by OSPI (listed above), NEWESD 101 staff will be offering roundtable events at our regional Teaching and Learning Network Meetings. These events require pre-registration. Information can be found on the NEWESD 101 BEST website:

Virtual Resources for In-District Roundtables

In-District Roundtables offer opportunities for mentors to talk about specific district processes and programs while learning and practicing mentoring skills. If you want to use BEST content for in-district roundtables, ways OSPI can support your roundtables include:

  • Live Webconference: In-district groups may join Lynn Lofstrom and the South Puget Sound Roundtable electronically from 10 am to noon the second Monday of each month. Groups will participate live via Zoom, a free webconferencing tool. Groups need a designated on-site facilitator to receive the Zoom invitation and facilitate their group during the session. To access this option, please take 3 minutes to complete this short form. Note: If you intend to run more than one group, please complete one form per group.

  • Recorded webconference: We will be recording each webconference. Recordings will be available to designated district facilitators for use with groups. We anticipate that it will take an skilled facilitator to lead a group using the recorded content. Whenever possible, we encourage district contacts to participate in the live webconference so they can ask questions, etc. To access this option, please take 3 minutes to complete this short form. Note: If you intend to run more than one group, please complete one form per group.

Mentor Orientation Webinar

A mentor orientation webinar was held on October 3 and 4. A link to the recorded version has been posted to the NEWESD 101 BEST website and can be found here:

For more information contact:

Erik Wolfrum - - (509) 789-3551

Dianna Harrington - - (509) 789-3605