Time to make your career move!

We can do it together.

Hi there!

TIme to make your career move!

So this is my wrap up for you as a new Independent Designer. While there are still tons of information in the back office for you to review, I thought these would be good things to have to round out your first 30 days:

Are you wondering where you might want to go as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl? Check out the Career Plan and learn what levels you can obtain, volumes need to be obtained, commission values and even some key O2 terms.

While most of your orders will likely be delivered to your customers directly, you may need to, on occassion, pack and deliver your own product. Use the Packing Tutorial guide to know how everything fits together.

And just in case what I have shown you hasn't answered all your questions and it's the middle of the night (for those of us who are Night Owls), here is the Origami Owl FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It's a wealth of information for some good late night or reading or when you are just really curious.

While this is your final email as a new designer I will always be in touch. Remember I am here to help if you have any questions. :)

As always, {DREAM BIG}!

-Erin Maulucci
Team Leader