Ancient Mesopotamia News

by: Brianna Castillo

New inventions and agriculture!

We found amazing new ways of transportation! That is the wheeled cart this wheeled cart helps in so many ways. You can make it easier to transport things like food and supplies. We have also more and more developed what we call “agriculture’’ which is when we domesticate plants and animals for our use and our animals that we have domesticated are goats, sheep, cattle, horses, camels, and donkeys. Farmers have also created what they call vegetable gardens. Also something we call irrigation systems have allowed us to to produce more food and that has helped us to survive floods because of the canals that carried water over to dry areas so it’s not so dry and so more people have water.That’s all we have for now but we have much more to come!!

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Bad news!

Maybe after all agriculture may not be a good thing. This is because people are now going to war because of farmland and food. Everyone wants farmland, everyone wants each others’ animals for food. People are fighting and more people are dying because of agriculture. Who do I mean dying… families, friends, relatives mostly anyone has a chance at this point of maybe not living. Agriculture may be a good thing for survival but we have so little things that not everyone can have it all. What should we do about about agriculture should it stop or keep going??

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Personal interview

I decided to interview a girl named Hulla. This is what she had to say about the way she lives. This is what Hulla had to say “ Hi my name is Hulla, I’m 13 and my job is Hunting. Hunting is a hard job but I really like it because it is hard. I have a 2 year old brother named Hurin, I also have a 10 year old sister named Mendalla , I also have a mother named Malah, and lastly we have my father Tillhar. My special skills are obviously hunting but mostly with my dad. I also really like gardening and helping my family with anything.” What skills do you need to be a hunter? “Skills that I need to have with my job “hunting” is you need to have good aime. Especially when using your sphere because you don’t want to miss your prey. You also need to have fast reflexs in case something comes charging at you… trust me I learned from experience.” What do you think about the way live? “It’s kind of hard doing all of this when you’re just a teenager and you would rather be home spending time with your family.” What is something you like to do in your freetime? “Something I like to do in my free time is spend time with my mom. I don’t see my mom a lot because I’m always either hunting or helping take care of my brother sister while usually my mom is cooking meals. Anyways Thanks for interviewing me about my life.” Wow it’s hard how she has to handle all of this at such a young age you are a pretty tough girl!

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