Smallpox had become very dangerous in the 1700s. Edward Jenner learned that People who milk cows got cow pocks but never small pocks. They started getting cowpox stuff and injecting it in him and his son, they both got cowpox, then they injected smallpox in them and they didn't get sick. They started doing it to others and they invented the vaccine.

interesting facts

This was the cause of the first invented "vaccine". The last case of smallpox in the u.s is in 1949. To make smallpox plural you add a apostrophe s: smallpox's. The only place in the world with smallpox is at the CDC in Georgia, and a research lab in Russia. the most recent case of smallpox is in the late 1970's in Somalia.

who it invades

The virus only infects humans. the most vulnerable to death is very young people to very old people.
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the virus that creates smallpox is one of the largest animal viruses. it has a double strand dna. The pathogen belongs to the genus Orthopoxvirus and the family Poxviridae. During the infection, substantial amounts of the virus are also found in the spleen, kidneys, and bone marrow. The virus normally enters through the respiratory tracts (nose and mouth).


If you have a vaccine for smallpox between 1 to 4 days after being exposed to the virus, it can stop it. After symptoms start, there is much you can do to kill it. there is no medicine specifically created to help with smallpox.

degree of damage.

There are 2 types of smallpox: minor and major. The minor only has small amounts of symptoms and aren't that bad. but major is serious and is very deadly.

where found

Most of smallpox are eradicated, but according to the CDC, there have been a few recent cases in Russia