Infant News

Fall is in the air...almost. At least the heat is gone for now! We are hoping to take some buggy rides outside in the near future. Feel free to bring in a hat or sunscreen for your baby. On Thursday afternoon, we participated in a training on attachment. A secure attachment to a caregiver consists of 3 main principles: access, responsiveness, and emotionally engaging the "it." With infants, that can look like this: Baby is standing up in his crib reaching out for me and crying (access,) I respond by going to him, picking him up, and consoling him. He is learning to trust and answering the big question "Can I count on you?" An unsecure attachment would be formed if a caregiver's response was one of anger or disgust, or ignoring. At Grace, we know how important it is to create a secure, nurturing environment for you and your babies. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you on this journey!

Upcoming Dates:

September 13-14: Fall Festival, Main St. in Belton

September 26: Culver's NIght, 4-7 PM

October 3: Grace school pictures

This is an article that reminds us to notice the "lasts" in our children's lives, as well as the" firsts." Have the tissues handy!